Last Sunday my two boys, my wife and me attended an Alasdair Malloy performance with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra in Kuala Lumpur. It was not only an excellent concert but also a brilliant demonstration of what can be done to teach orchestra basics and music appreciation to small kids.

Mariano Fernandez

A truly wonderful afternoon, thank you so much! A perfect combination of listening and participation.

As usual the event was excellent and the children came back to school really buzzing. I can appreciate all the work which goes into putting on such an event, and I thought everything from the organisation of arriving and departing coaches to the choice of music and presentation could not have been bettered. We look forward to coming again next time. Thank you.

Hilary Dexter (Ashville College)

Thank you so much for another wonderful children's concert at Leeds Town Hall this morning. Everyone agreed that this was the best ever, partly perhaps because everyone is buzzing about the Tour de France so it really captured the children's imagination and drew them in. I loved the way the individual instruments came to the front so that the children got a closer look at the woodwind, brass and some of the percussion and we loved the choice of music. Alasdair Malloy and the orchestra of Opera North were brilliant, as ever. Thank you, too for the excellent organisation and the care you and your staff always take to get the children in and out safely. We've got Sports Day this afternoon so I think the Yr 2s will be singing "We are the Champions" out on the field! Many thanks, and please pass on our thanks to all of the performers and to your team.

Christine Turner (Rose Court School)

Just left #piratesahoy concert which was great! Son enjoyed 'Yo ho yo ho' best.

Joanne K ‏@apostrophediva

Wonderful afternoon with Liverpool Phil #piratesahoy

Martin Putwain ‏@TintininMMU

A great afternoon thanks to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra #piratesahoy

Miss Erica Carleton ‏@missericajayne

Captain Jack (me) and the Host of #PiratesAhoy! Amazing concert! Loved every minute!

Lewis Le Val ‏@LewisLeVal

Great concert today with @alasdairmalloy and @liverpoolphil I love seeing kids enjoy the orchestra :-)

John King ‏@Warmaudiokingy

@alasdairmalloy @thecbso Here's what kids in our car say to#cbsomadhatter "Mad!" "Bonkers!" "100% unique!" "Loved it!" "Extraordinary"

Penny Pullan ‏@PennyPullan