Alasdair is renowned for his inventive educational programmes which link music to other areas of the curriculum and are designed specifically for particular key stage groups.

Using carefully selected pieces of music covering a variety of styles, Alasdair incorporates an appropriate level of theatricality and interaction while keeping the concerts fun, informative and relevant.

By making a connection with other subjects the performance becomes more than just a focus on music and, as in his themed family concerts, Alasdair enjoys linking music around a specific subject. This allows for the schools to explore the connections between music and other topics and provides plenty of opportunity for preparation in advance of the concert.

The programmes can be enhanced with big screen images and there is always a song to be learned which is then performed with the orchestra. Here are examples of some of the subjects which Alasdair has linked to together with the title of the project and the key stage groups it is best suited for.

Telling Tales
KS1, KS2, KS3

Making Music Count
KS2, KS3

SCIENCE: The Big Bang –
Music Under the Microscope
KS2, KS3

Fame in the Frame
KS2, KS3

A Global Gathering
KS2, KS3

Team Works
KS1, KS2, KS3

Steps in Time
KS2, KS3

Music on the Menu
KS1, KS2, KS3

Going Global
KS2, KS3

Back to the Future
KS2, KS3

Beyond the Final Frontier
KS1, KS2, KS3

Each programme is adapted to suit the specific key stage, and for Key Stage 1 Alasdair often works with Children’s TV star Dave Benson Phillips in some exciting musical adventures which they have written together where the music and musicians are very much part of the action.

Alasdair has devised and presented schools concerts for many orchestras worldwide and has developed a unique and innovative presentation technique for countries where he is unable to speak the language.

You can read many of the fantastic testimonials and highly positive feedback that Alasdair continues to receive from his schools concerts… and for more information on programmes and educational packs please feel free to contact Kate